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Ceramic Abrasives

Ceramic grain products have the reputation of being the toughest, longest lasting metal removal products on the market today. Compared to other conventional grain products that immediately begin to lose aggressiveness once grinding begins, ceramic abrasives maintain their cut rate with minimal additional pressure. This constant cut rate reduces grinding time, results in less operator fatigue and helps to increase productivity with a decrease in overall cost.

The grain's inherent crystalline structure provides for thousands of new cutting points throughout the life of the product. As the crystals dull, grinding forces expose new crystals ready to cut. This unique process is duplicated thousands of times throughout the life of the product, allowing it to last longer than conventional abrasives.

Ceramic abrasive belt

Ceramic Alumina is a high-performing grain that is well suited for ferrous metals, carbon steels, high nickel and other exotic alloys. This mineral is typically used in stock removal applications. Some benefits include high cut rates, long service life and excellent price-performance ratio.

Typical Applications:

  • Backstand
  • Swingframe
  • Centerless/cylindrical
  • Wide belt/flat sanding
  • Portable belt sander
  • Disc sander
  • Wire drawing/planetary
  • Slack of belt
  • Stroke sander
  • Sanding sleeves/drums

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