Zirconia-Alumina Sanding Belts

Zirconia-Alumina (Z/A) is an ultra-tough synthetic abrasive that provides a free, cool cut for high stock removal applications. It is a tougher, sharper abrasive than Aluminum-Oxide (A/O). Its micro-crystalline structure allows for controlled breakdown and self sharpening.

Zirconia-Alumina sanding betls are ideal for

  • heavy-duty snagging and grinding of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • abrasive planing of wood, plywood and particleboard
  • grinding fiberglass, rubber and plastics

Two styles of Zirconia-Alumina abrasive are available from Abrasive Industrial Supplies – with and without the addition of lubricant.

Abrasive Industrial Supplies offers a wide selection of standard belts which are listed below. Custom sizes and volume discounts are also available. Just give us a call with your specs.