Knife Shows and AIS


Knife Shows and AIS

Our Abrasive Industrial Supplies (AIS) production manager, Jon Kukowski, recently attended a couple of Knife Making Shows - one in Ohio and one in Wisconsin.  When he was asked to attend the show in Troy, Ohio he was a little skeptical because it was a new application for our abrasives,...

Measurement Chart | FREE Download

When you're working in your shop and need to convert a measurement from fractions to decimals or even to millimeters, you don't want to stop to drag out the calculator. Use this handy chart instead. We've done all the calculations for you.  Download and print the chart to hang on...

Infographic | Abrasive Grains

If you're not sure which abrasive to choose for your project, you're in the right place. This graphic gives a quick review of each stock abrasive along with a listing of which grits we keep in stock. Click the image for a larger view.

Long Abrasive Belts

We've heard from several customers how great it is to find someone who will make long belts.  You won't find these on our website, but we can make belts up to 520" long all day if you need 'em. Of course, if you need something longer, we can do that...