1/2"W x 18"L Ceramic Belts | Y Weight

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Ceramic grain products have the reputation of being the toughest, longest-lasting metal removal products on the market today

  • Lead Time: 3 to 5 working days
  • Sized to fit most mini-grinders
  • Compared to conventional grain products that immediately begin to lose aggressiveness once grinding begins, ceramic abrasives maintain their cut rate with minimal additional pressure
  • Optimized for high stock removal on ferrous metals and exotic alloys (ex: carbon steel and aluminum)
  • Top Sizing helps reduce friction and heat, in high temperature applications
  • Sturdy polyester backing for reliable performance
  • Belts are suitable for wet or dry grinding

All of our abrasive belts are cut from 12" wide material. It is more economical for you to order in quantities.

    Customer Reviews

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    charles musick
    Great for small spaces with a portable sander

    I just changed out my sander to the ceramic belts and learned they work a lot better on aluminum, they don't cake up like my other belts. I highly recommend the ceramic belts for working with aluminum parts and sheet work.