Every abrasive belt manufactured by Abrasive Industrial Supplies starts out at 54" wide x 3600" long. Odds are that size is a little too large for your needs. That's why businesses turn to Abrasive Industrial Supplies to have coated abrasive belts custom sized. 

Breaking down bulk coated abrasive belt stock

We start by breaking the bulk coated abrasive stock into usable belt stock from which Abrasive Industries slices belts as narrow as 1/4". Lengths are available up to the maximum length of 520".

How To Order Belts from Abrasive Industries

The ordering process is pretty simple.

  1. Find the type of abrasive you need (Aluminum-Oxide, Ceramic, Silicon-Carbide, Zirconia-Alumina) in the Order Online section of the website. This is located in the menu above.
  2. Next, choose the grit you need (from 36 up to 400 grit in most abrasives).
  3. We have listed the most commonly requested belt sizes under each grit/abrasive combination. You'll find these under the product title next to the photo. Select a quantity of belts you want and click on ADD TO CART to place your order.
  4. If you need a custom size (one that isn't listed), please contact Abrasive Industries by email or phone (800-433-8010) or submit a Request for Quote.

See how we make the belts

Screenshot of How Abrasive Industrial Supplies makes belts video